Our strength is providing consulting service that specializes in specific area.

The speed of change in today’s society is only increasing as each day goes by. Although it has become a
played out expression, we really do live in a society where diversification and segmentation are occurring at
various areas due to the continual progress of technological innovation. Amidst such trend, it is becoming
more and more difficult to conduct a “trouble-free” business management without the support of experts who
have extensive knowledge and experience. Needless to say, such difficulty can lead to a major problem.

The composition of industry population in advanced economies for the most part are now changing in an
unprecedented way, as we except to see a dramatic increase of intellectual laborers in the coming years.
That said, for a type of project that requires a large number of experts to work together on simultaneous
basis, hiring all of them as permanent in-house workers will pose a serious cost burden on companies.
For this reason, we believe project based labor agreement will become the main form of labor style in the future.

Amidst such trend, the kind of value we can contribute toward your company is to offer consultation and human
resource network service that are consistent throughout the specialized area.

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